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September 04 2012

Aw, I found a note that I wrote in a bathroom stall of a church. :D

“I will not let anyone disrespect my body. I will not let anyone take advantage of me. I will walk away from anyone who is demanding or negative. I will live my life in prosper and not let anything get in my way of me and my dreams. I am my own person, and there’s no taking back all the things that have made me, me. I will forget the troubles of my past and not dwell on them because I know you have to have mistakes to learn something. I’m beautiful and I don’t need anyone to tell me different. I’m everything. If ever in doubt, read this.”

Finally happy that I stuck up for myself. This is just the cutest thing ever.

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I miss you puppy!

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Warning.... Strong Content.

I really fucking hate you. To the fullest extent. You’ve been nothing but full of shit the whole time we were together. You ruined all the good I had going for me. You brainwashed me into thinking that I only needed you. Well, here’s to you. FUCK YOU, I DON’T NEED YOU AND I NEVER WILL. You’re such a pathetic piece of shit. You’re worth nothing in my eyes, and it will always be that way. Even if one day you ask me to forgive you for all the shit that you’ve done, I will never. I know better and now that I do, I see I’m so much better than you. 
Seriously, what kind of guy puts their fucking hands on a woman that they claim they “love”? It’s bullshit, and I for sure can DO BAD ON MY FUCKING OWN. I DON’T NEED YOU TO DICTATE HOW I LIVE MY LIFE AND WHAT IS WRONG FROM RIGHT. I have a clearer mind than my own mother, and you really think I’m going to let you give me shit for something so small? Fuck no, you’ve got the wrong one. It may have taken a while for me to understand that, but I’ve gotten it and it is such a relief not having you in my life anymore. 
The shit you put the people closest to my heart through can never be taken back. It’s been so much shit too. You made me grow to hate myself, and now I hate you because you brainwashed me into so much shit. Now I have to mend all the broken bridges back together because I let some fucking cock head come into my life and just change it. 
I shouldn’t have been scared in the first place when you wanted me back. I just knew it was going to fall apart again, which I’m so fucking glad it did because I can finally breathe. I have things to live for and you’re not one of them, you manipulating sick bastard.
I hope this message gets back to you, and makes you feel like nothing but shit.

********And this is for girls that EVER go through abuse, whether it’s mentally or physically, in a relationship. GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THE GUY, OR THINK HE’S YOUR SOULMATE…. HE’S FUCKING NOT. HE’S TORTURING YOU. It’s not worth it. I put it on God’s honest truth that you’ll find someone that will worship every move you make and give you everything you want and need. TAKE IT FROM ME. You don’t need to take shit from any man, especially one who fucking brings your ego down, lower than the ground. You’re fucking beautiful and you deserve the best. 

Oh and again, FUCK YOU. You disgusting prick.

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September 03 2012

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How did you…?

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